The European Photographers Network is a network in start up-phase. The network consists of experienced photographers that organize photography events in cities cross Europe via a Facebook site. Membership is free of charge. The only condition for membership is that you organize once in 2 years a photography event in a city in your own country and/or that you are willing to guide other photographer’s from the network in your city to show them the best spots for photography.

The city should be easily reachable by public transport from other countries in Europe to make it feasible for other photographers to visit your city with a reasonable travel time.

The photography event you organize can be a photo walk, urban/street or architecture photography, or whatever you think is interesting for photographers from abroad visting your city. The event you organize should be open for other members of the network.

If you do not want to organize an event, but are open to guide other photographers from the network in your city, whenever they are around, that is also perfectly OK and fits the goal of this network.

What is in it for you ? The opportunity to join events organized by/to be guided by other photographers in the network that know very well the hotspots for photography in the city they live in. Next to that you will develop a nice network of international contacts and will have a lot of fun.

If you are interested in joining the European Photographers network you can send an e-mail to or via instagram @valentabstract

First photo event in Amsterdam 7 October 2023 !

The first photography event from the European Photographers Network will take place on 7 October 2023 in Amsterdam and is confirmed. It will start at 11 AM and end at 4 PM. During a photowalk Eric Valent will show you the photographic hotspots along the river IJ, where you will discover very beautiful architecture. Along the walk we will also visit an old industrial area and cross the river several times. This photowalk will be very interesting for photographers that like architecture, abstract, urban and street photography.

Joining the photowalk is free of charge, but only open for members of the European Photographers Network or photographers that are thinking of becoming a member of the European Photographers Network.

The event is open for maximum 5 dutch photographers and maximum 10 photographers from abroad. Minimum total group size is 5. There is already enough interest for this event, so it is confirmed and will take place. However in case of very rainy weather the event can be canceled. So if you stay over make sure you book a hotel with a good cancelation policy just in case, as weather is not something we can control.

If you cannot join on the 7th of October, be aware that a new photowalk in Amsterdam will be organized in march 2024.

If you are interested to join the European Photographers Network and join this first event or the event next year, please send an e-mail to or via instagram @valentabstract for more detailed information.